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Information - Just Go For Fit! with Julia
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Be An Entrepreneur Featured

Be An Entrepreneur

Are you ready to live life with passion and create the freedom you've always dreamed of? It's all possible! The first secret to success is believing in yourself... but not only that, surrounding yourself with others who believe in you and your dreams as well. I believe everyone is capable of more than they think they are, and my wish is for you to realize it and love life to its fullest. 
I invite you to walk with me to that better life you might be seeking too. I'm looking for 2 more people this month to personally mentor on my team as a health & fitness coach making a difference in others lives, while also changing the future of your own.

Contact me for more details.


Leave Your Legacy

Being a Team Beachbody coach means way more than just being a name on a list (but I have to admit all the recognition is something amazing itself).
It may look like I'm just a little person in a sea of endless names, but what you have to realize is that each of these names represents something much bigger. It represents 10's, 100's, even 1000's of lives changed for the better because of that one person - YOU.
- A woman finding confidence in herself for the first time.
- A dad reversing his health without surgery after a heart attack scare.
- A child gaining more quality time with their parents/grandparents who've gained more strength and energy to live stronger and longer.
And it goes on...
It lives on in all the children who grow up learning and living in health, because of those lives changed - because of YOU. 

I invite you to learn what it takes to start leaving behind your own legacy as a health and fitness coach. Please join me and sit in on my team's next monthly no-obligation "Backstage Pass into Coaching" Facebook group where you'll learn:
-who can be a coach?
-what does a coach do?
-how we earn $$$ and how much?
-plus lots more!

Contact me for more information and to get added!

And who knows...maybe we'll see your name on the wall of fame at Summit next year too!


Now Hiring

Are you ready to be your own boss? Have the freedom to work when and where you want to? Improve your health in the process of helping others? You'll work closely with me as your mentor and be a part of a team that truly cares and supports each other and wants to see YOU succeed. How can you fail with that? No experience is necessary because you'll get all the training you'll need.

Contact me with any questions or inquiries.

Thank you and God bless!


My Story

March 2015 baTwo years ago I was in my final weeks of pregnancy before my son was born. I was extremely excited and anxious to meet my little boy, but it also happened to be a time in my life that I was super stressed about other things going on in my life. I am a HUGE stress eater, and I let that take over my life and I used the excuse that I was pregnant and can eat whatever I wanted, but that only worked for so long. When I gave birth I was at my heaviest ever and very disappointed in myself for not being stronger. I was ashamed and so uncomfortable in my own skin that I avoided cameras and missed opportunities to have some of those great landmark photos that you usually take when baby is in your belly and when baby is born. There are just some things that you can't go back and do over, and I am SO sad about that.

The first year or so after he was born I pretty much just resorted to how things were and figured this was just going to be my new life...not feeling good about myself, having body aches and pains from the extra weight, hiding my depression from my friends and family, being grumpy and essentially blaming everyone else for my problems. With two kids now and a full time job that I juggled, I felt like I would never have time to focus on myself and having time to go to the gym was absolutely impossible in my daily schedule. 

And then I met someone that changed my life. Whitney, my husband's best friend's fiance, started posting things about exercising at home. She had just signed up as a coach for Beachbody, yet I had no idea what that really meant. But I saw she was doing some amazing things and helping so many people, and I was definitely curious about it and watched her for awhile. Finally in May 2014, I hit my wall and decided I was ready to make a change for myself and for my family. I decided to JUST GO FOR IT and do something to take back control of my life! I threw out all my excuses and put my priorities in perspective, and was ready to be the happy and healthy person I knew I could be. 

I contacted Whitney about her programs, and joined in one of her Challenge Groups using the 21 Day Fix program. Not going to lie...the first few weeks were rough since I was so out of shape! But I soon saw the changes in my body and mood and started loving myself again, and it got easier and easier. Honestly, I am pretty sure if it weren't for Whitney and her groups cheering me on every day and being that POSITIVE light I needed, I probably wouldn't have made it through the first week. I finally realized that Beachbody is more than just fitness programs and meal plans, it's about community and personal development...the tools you need to better yourself from the inside out.

So fast forward to today... I am definitely a happier and more confident me, and proud to say I've actually followed through with something (not typical). And becoming a coach myself has been one of my best decisions in a long while. Not only do I have that extra accountability to stick with my own journey to betterness, it's an amazing feeling knowing that I'm helping others do the same - by hopefully being an inspiration and that POSITIVE light that might have been missing from their life. Paying it forward...

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